The 8 Shocking Birth Control Risks You Need To Know Right Now

Birth Control Risks

The recent pro-birth control advocating that has swept through the globe has given rise to both new birth control option, and thousands of new takers of the products. Never before has birth control been so easily accessed by so many women ready to take control of their sex lives and their bodies, but with this swarm, a lot of vital information gets lost in the mix. Everything has its risks, and while every birth control option has its line of benefits, birth control is no exception from flaw. Every woman should take note, and look into the risks involved in putting themselves on a birth control pill or shot before making the decision, or looking into other options.

1. Headaches, Dizziness, and Fatigue

Several easily anticipated and common side effects of many birth control pills, especially when new to the drug, are headaches, dizziness, and fatigue caused by the change in hormones, and the effect on the body. These are all small side effects, that often even decrease or vanish within time, but they can be dampening to a woman’s overall quality of life, when she feels like she’s spinning 24/7, or the endless fatigue just doesn’t go away.

2. Mood Swings, Anxiety, and/or Depression

Sometimes, and with many women, birth control shots or pills are said to aid these common symptoms of PMS, stabilizing the hormones that can go rampant during menstruation and fixing the ailments of many women around. At the same time, however, birth control can have the reverse effect, causing mood swings, anxiety, and even depression in a woman where they would’ve, formally, not been there. Like the headaches, dizziness, and fatigue, this can sometimes simply be the body’s reaction to a new substance, and can fade of vanish entirely, over time. But sometimes, it’s a torment that follows a woman through the entirety of her use of the product.

3. Vision Impairment

Several brands of birth control have been reported causing deterioration of eyesight, or vision impairment. It’s a rarer symptom, but damaging to those inflicted. Women should look at the chemicals included in their chosen brand, and speak with their physicians about such possibilities.

4. Stroke

Another rare side effect, something in the chemicals in many birth control products can inflict the brain and blood, causing blood clots in vital areas, and causing a stroke. Such can be devastating for the lives of both the sick, and the family and friends of those suffering. Women should take care, and keep themselves from being one of the few inflicted by this life threatening side effect of the pill.

5. Decreased Libido

Due to the effect many birth control pills have on hormones, a woman’s sex life can often be impaired. The human body bases sexuality and sex drive largely on hormones, and with these affected, sometimes it can leave the libido uninterested, dry, and lifeless.

6. Weight Gain

Ever heard of changes in your body causing weight gain, weight loss, and loss or heightening of appetite? Well birth control is no different, and most often, of these our options, the mainly seen side effect is the packing on of pounds. This is often another temporary change, but it can leave lasting effects on a woman’s body and quality of life, in the afterward, especially considering the many other health concerns that weight gain can come paired with, including joint problems, risk of heart disease, respiratory problems, and more. Weight can be lost, but such is time consuming, and not always as readily available to some as to others, due to the health requirements exercise and diet involve. Take with care.

7. Hair Loss

Hormones, hormones, hormones. They keep stabilization on everything, and it’s already been stated repeatedly that birth control pills have a heavy effect on the way they act. Hair is just another place on the body that can be harmed by this, and as a result, birth control pills can cause loss, thinning, or even balding of the hair, which can be devastating to many.

8. Cancer

As with all products that modify the body’s natural cycles and functions, birth control pills have been connected to many cancers, including cancers of the breast and vulva. It is a rare occurrence, and there are very few cases every year of birth control caused cancers, but risks are risks, and should be taken note of.