7 Reasons Every Man Should Practice Yoga

Man Doing Yoga at Sunset

Yoga is the ancient Hindu spiritual discipline that includes controlled breathing exercises, meditation, and physical poses. Yoga is most commonly used for relaxation and health purposes. When someone thinks of yoga, they tend to think about the women who practice yoga, the common yoga pants, and uncomfortably difficult poses. While yoga is mainly practiced by women, men could also find it very beneficial.

1. Better Sex

Do you need another reason? Taking all of the relaxation and breathing techniques you learn in yoga class and applying them to the bedroom can help turn you into a lover who is better and lasts longer. The skills to concentrate your thinking will help your mind to clearly focus and learning how to properly channel your energy will help you do so with your sexual energy which will help in the bedroom.

2. More Defined Musculature

Many men prefer to life weights at the gym to help them achieve defined muscles. The practice of yoga uses your own weight to help build mass as well as strength.

3. Better Natural Odor

Yoga is not only designed for breathing, meditation and relaxation. It is also used to rid your body of harmful toxins. With regular yoga practice, your body will become cleaner and your pheromones will change. Research has shown that the simple act of sweating and exhaling helps get rid of disgusting toxins. This will actually cause your sweat to have a sweeter smell.

4. Stress Relief

Many men claim that they are able to relieve stress by hitting their local gym or take a few swings at a punching bag. However, research has shown the attending a testosterone-filled gym or aggressively taking some punches or kicks to a punching bag will cause you to feel more aggressive and cause you to be more tired. However, yoga trains you to use various relaxation techniques on a regular basis. Studies have shown that people who know how to complete these relaxation techniques and can employ them on a regular basis are able to remain calmer overall. Not only are you training your body during a yoga class, you are training your mind. This will help you remain calm during stressful situations.

5. More Flexible

A large part of yoga is the poses that are used. The movement to get to these poses, as well as the poses themselves, often require one, two or more twists of your spine. This helps to loosen up all of the numerous joints that create your spine. Loosening up your joints can help improve your golf or tennis swing, as well as make you more agile which can help you to move more quickly. That is great for almost any sport. The poses are also designed to help improve your digestion and detoxify your body.

6. Clearer Mind

Yoga isn’t just about the poses and movements. It also relies heavily on breathing techniques. Men are so busy these days with demanding careers, business meetings, families and their chores that they rarely slow down and take a moment to just themselves. Yoga offers men a place and a reason to do just that. When was the last time you just sat down and properly inhaled and exhaled in silence? Breathing exercises known as pranayama has been developing over the past thousand years to teach a person to slow down and properly breathe. This helps to clear you mind and provide you with a sense of calmness. These breathing techniques that are learned in yoga can be used anywhere at any time to help you be calm.

7. Quicker Recoveries

Men that do yoga still tend to be active in their gym lives. Yoga teaches you to only do what you are able and not to overdo it. When you become more aware of your body and are able to know your limits you will be able to decrease the amount of injuries you can sustain. The flexibility and well-stretched muscles you receive from doing yoga will also help your body to recover more quickly after a sport strained injury.