Seeking A Spicier Sex Life? Eat These 6 Foods!

Couple Kissing Spicy Sex Life

It isn’t rare for people to be looking into ways to spice up their sex lives. From simply looking for something different in the bedroom to attempting to save a struggling relationship, methods for making things steamy beneath the covers are a widely sought, widely spoken pool of information, and an important one, at that. The death of a sex life can be the death of a relationship, in many cases, and spell doom for couples everywhere. One simple way to lighten things up is with a little food.

#1 Chocolate

Everyone knows chocolate makes you happy, activating sections of your brain that produce mood-bettering chemicals. But, chocolate is also a widely used and easy-to-find aphrodisiac, available at low costs at nearly any corner store. Or, spend a bit more for higher-quality chocolate from designer brand boxes. Not only can it be eaten – it can be used as a fun addition. Adding chocolate to your lover’s body not only adds a taste of sweet to the mood, but is sure to heat things up between the two of you.

#2 Oysters

Oysters are full of healthy, fatty nutrition, filled with the same dopamine as chocolate. They help to increase sensitivity, joy, sexuality, and happiness. A heavy aphrodisiac, this shellfish isn’t always the best liked by all, but for those who do enjoy oysters enjoy cooking them and adding a bit of butter. If you’re looking to make a full romantic meal out of it, you can even add them to an exquisite dish, including other meats, pastas, sauces, and anything else to fit you or your lover’s fancy.

#3 Chili Peppers

Spicy foods speed up the heart rate and give a jump to your nervous system, sending blood pulsing through your veins. With all that rushing warmth and excitement in your body, senses like touch, taste, and sensitivity grow, and sexual activity can be increased exponentially. A common idea of many is to combine chili of one form or another with chocolate. Mix in that kick-starting sensation with chocolate’s lusting qualities and you can create a combination like chocolate covered chili peppers. Talk about an exquisite and interesting taste!

#4 Walnuts

Arginine is an amino acid that boosts blood flow much in the same way spicier foods can, but without the possible stomach damage from consuming too much of the spicy stuff. Not everyone can handle spicier dishes and that’s where walnuts come in. They provide the same benefits with none of the burn, and offer a delicious, nutty taste. Chocolate covered walnuts are also common, and when something as simple as a candy bar from a local store can up the intensity in bed, what’s to lose? Except for a few layers of clothes, that is.

#5 Strawberries

Strawberries are often loved for their tart, sweet taste, but also include body boosting antioxidants in a similar way that walnuts do. These less often boost the blood flow and more the senses of the body, the oxygen to the brain, and overall outlook and appeal. Attention is heightened, and more will be noticed as you feel great and get frisky. You can feed strawberries to your partner, running the fruit along their lips, or bake a sweet, tasty pie, having a bit of fun with the whipped cream in the process. Strawberries aren’t as often used as an aphrodisiac, but can be a great addition.

#6 Fish

Like walnuts, fish are filled with arginine. These tasty sea creatures are also loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, a nutrient that both increases dopamine and works to improve cardiovascular health. Not only are you filling your body with blood-pumping vitamins and nutrients to better your day and get you in the mood, but you’re improving your health as well, one bite at a time. Why only kill two birds with one stone, when you can make it three?