5 Awesome (And Easy) Habits For A Healthier Life

Happy Man Hiking

Follow these easy guidelines and create healthier habits for an abundant, healthy life.

1. Drink More Water

The first step to a healthier life is a higher water intake throughout the day. It’s incredibly rare for most people to drink enough water each day, especially with easy substitutes like sodas, coffee, teas, energy drinks, and other sugar-filled drinks. Very few people drink the recommended amount of water and fewer remember even to drink at least one glass of water a day at all. And while coffees and teas do contain water, most people add sugar, or worse, artificial sweeteners to their drinks, removing most (or all) health benefits.

Drinking one glass of water roughly 20 minutes before every meal can assist in increasing water consumption and it is a relatively easy habit to create. Instead of having to remember to drink so much every day, simply remember to drink something at a scheduled time. Drinking water can improve mood, outlook on life, and provide a happier view of the world, as dehydration accentuates depression. On top of this, drinking water 20 minutes before a meal can create a feeling of fullness, and help many lose weight by eating less as well.

2. Eat One Meal Differently

Every day, eat one meal differently. That doesn’t mean add silly rules to your meal or to over-complicate things. For instance, instead of staying in the office to eat, go outside to a courtyard or park and eat in the fresher air. Or, instead of going out with the office to a fast food joint of one kind or another, stay at your desk and eat something healthier instead. Even just taking the time to nutritionally measure and balance a single meal out of the others in your day, making sure at least that one is healthy, you are providing yourself with a daily way of improving your life for little cost and great taste. What’s to lose, except an older, unhealthy you?

3. Walk

Take more walks throughout your day, week, and life to vastly improve your well-being. Not only will going outside on a nice day replenish your body with much needed sun and air, but the vitamin D and clean oxygen will do wonders for your overall health and mental state. Walking gives you time to think in an almost meditative, repetitive process that can have you focusing on bettering your own life while providing you with a daily dose of exercise and a wider view on the world. A simple walk can brighten anyone’s day, but be sure to take care and wear a coat in colder weather, or don’t go out in storms at all. Walking is only a healthy habit if you be sure to keep yourself from getting sick while doing it.

4. Volunteer

Volunteer services are a great, healthy way to not only feel better about yourself, but feel great about helping others. Activities like cleaning up your community, assisting soup kitchens for the homeless, providing free services like museum or library assistants, or simple greeting work can put a smile on many faces, including yours. Not only that, but volunteer work looks great on a resume or reference list when you are searching for a job. Plus, the community itself can introduce you to many people, opening up your access to connections, friends, and business partners for the future.

5. Get Your Sleep

Just because you aren’t a child doesn’t mean you don’t need your sleep. Going to bed earlier and getting up when the sun rises is a great way to create a regulated sleep schedule ensuring your rest. More sleep will help you feel refreshed, organized, and happier, so be sure to get that much needed rest and take care of your body.