6 Benefits Of Coffee (And Why You Should Drink It)

Cup of CoffeeOver half of all American adults drink coffee on a daily basis, totaling up to roughly 30 million people. Of these, a whopping 24% drink even more than that, consuming upwards of 15 cups per week (the equivalent of about 2 cups per day).

With over $18 billion spent on coffee monthly in the U.S., it’s certainly no dying industry. However, many vouch against coffee and its benefits, claiming it’s bad for you with facts such as damage to tooth color, dependency, and caffeine addiction.

However, while these are all notable facts, coffee isn’t entirely bad, and pros can far outweigh the cons in many instances. While teeth can be whitened, that won’t help depression, prevent colon cancer and Parkinson’s disease, and other things good for your body, and the well-being that comes with it.

1. High Antioxidant Quantity

Firstly, coffee comes packed with antioxidants, the nutrient rich vitamins that keep your body active, pumping, and replenishing cells day in and day out. If adults find themselves having difficulty getting fruits and antioxidants in their bodies, they can look to coffee instead to aid in tissue repair and rejuvenation, defense against type-2 diabetes, and prevent the flu, as well, with a heavy boost to your immune system. Just like the old saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a cup of coffee may do much of the same!

2. Prevents Colon Cancer

Coffee drops the risk of colon cancer by at least 25% in those that drink it daily with its high quality colon cleansing capabilities. Not only that, but also rectal cancer, skin cancer, liver cancer, and more can all be staved off by regular coffee consumption according to numerous studies.

3. Prevents Parkinson’s Disease

Studies have proven coffee offers an important role in preventing or delaying the development of Parkinson’s disease. Persons who have formed a habit of drinking over four cups a day have shown to have a reduced chance of developing Parkinson’s of up to 80%, and those already diagnosed with the disorder have a chance of both lessening the symptoms, and fighting further progression. This isn’t only because of the related antioxidants, but also because coffee has been shown to both reduce muscle tremors, and restore motor function to the body.

4. Contains Anti-Aging Properties

Somewhere along the lines, coffee has become known as a cure all for anti-aging effects, and this isn’t just by coincidence. People might say such is merely a myth, or skepticism brought up by those trying to sell the product, but it’s actually true! With that wonderful antioxidant content, coffee battles wrinkles and age lines, along with any dimming of the skin tone. On top of that, ground coffee can be used on the skin to refresh, rejuvenate, and heavily reduce cellulite for that soft, healthy, young and beautiful feel everyone loves.

5. Encourages Weight Loss

Everyone knows a secret to weight loss is increasing your metabolism, setting the rate at which your body processes foods higher and counter your waistline lower. And coffee does that professionally with the caffeine and the promise of a quicker heart rate and awakened form. But it doesn’t only do that. Coffee also curbs your appetite. Grab a cup and lose a few, as long as you avoid the creams and sugars. Those only contribute to what you’re trying to avoid.

6. Helps Prevent Depression

Caffeine not only acts as a mild anti-depressant on its own, but with that energy boost to get you up out of bed and working, it can help to fight depression and feelings of doubt.

So, relax and enjoy a cup. If you can manage, drink it black and also look for organic coffee if you can – it’s grown in shaded areas and does not use pesticides so the aroma and taste will be more fulfilling.