SCARY: What’s REALLY In A Flu Shot?

What's In A Flu Shot?

Every year the flu season comes around and everybody starts bundling up to keep themselves healthy and warm as the cold starts to loom over schools, houses, and the lives of many. Advertisements for vaccinations begin to once again flood magazines, newspapers, and the TV. The moment your first child is born, thousands of parents (including you, possibly?) find themselves pressured to vaccinate their new baby, and from then on, the pressure mounts. For the rest of your young child’s life, the comments towards vaccination for both young ones and themselves will only grow and surge throughout the year in a society where vaccination is commonplace – and withstanding from the practice can even be taken as cruelty. But, do those making these claims actually know what it is they’re pressuring others to put into themselves and their children?

Some of these shocking ingredients contained in vaccines might change your mind.


Formaldehyde, once a commonly used as a preservative, is still often used today in articles and tasks such as embalming, cell preservation, and the factory making of vaccines. Many flu vaccinations contain an amount of formaldehyde, and often the companies that use this like to talk it away with the preservation benefits. But, science has shown there’s more to formaldehyde than meets the eye. Formaldehyde has been proven to be a large, leading cause of cancer, and in lab mice where formaldehyde was given orally, severe stomach damage was a swift result. While it inactivates bacterial products, it also causes more harm than good and should be avoided.


Antifreeze is often used as a disinfectant, but the name alone should bring worry to the minds of parents around the world, especially when paired with the thought of your child ingesting it. Antifreeze is incredibly toxic, and even in small dosages and amounts has been proven to cause irreversible damage to the body and mind, and has caused fatalities. There are many other, much less harmful products that can be used as a disinfectant for vaccines, but they are often not. Antifreeze is still a leading variable.

Is that really what you should be giving your child?


This ingredient, well known for it’s attribution to the development of Alzheimer’s disease and the instigation of seizures, is used in nearly every form of flu vaccination. Alzheimer’s disease is devastating on the many families with loved ones inflicted with it. Seizures can cause brain trauma, physical damage, or death. Vaccinations can easily lead to either of these, and worse. With heavy aluminum content, the risk won’t be going away anytime soon.


Lead is known throughout the nation for its toxic properties. Lead poisoning is dangerous and has led to thousands of deaths. It also causes madness, physical damage, and negatively affects the body in other ways as well. Many might argue that older generations grew up with lead and they’re doing fine, but historical facts and documents show the truth behind this, and the endless, harmful, list of problems lead can cause.

Where Flu Shots Are Made

Vaccines are grown in and later the ingredients are strained through both human and animal tissue. Monkey and dog kidney tissue, chick embryos, calf serum, the dissected organs of aborted fetuses, pig blood, horse blood, and rabbit brains are all used as breeding grounds for vaccination growth and development. This list of horrifying ingredients and “growth containers” for vaccines spells a contaminated well of unpleasantness for many who didn’t previously know the ugly, vaccination truth.

Vaccines do have a point. Nobody wants to get sick, and illnesses can be detrimental or deadly.

What makes vaccines of any kind increasingly dangerous is when they are mixed in a concoction of chemicals (as listed above). Instead of a vaccinating mixture, search for vaccines that have been separated and isolated to be sure you know exactly what is in the vaccine. Do your research and find out what it is you are putting in your, or more importantly, your child’s body.