3 Simple Tips For Boosting Libido

Green Vegetables Boost Libido

Green vegetables provide for a boost in libido.

Lack of excitement in the bedroom may be the result of a variety of factors. However, many people could notice significant changes in their levels of excitement if they paid a little attention to the foods they eat.

1. Eat more green vegetables

Green vegetables provide for many benefits, including sexually. Points where the body is “open” are also referred to as mucus membranes. Areas such as the nose, mouth, eyelids, and even your genitals. When bacteria and parasites infect your body, these areas are usually the cause.

Riboflavin, found in vegetables, helps maintain and promote healthy mucus membranes. As such, it also allows for the vagina to naturally lubricate, increasing pleasure and helping women maintain a healthy sex life.

2. Exercise

Both during and after exercise, your body releases hormones. These hormones are the cause of various feelings in your body.

Endorphins are also known as the happy hormone and allow you to feel excited and increase your levels of pain tolerance. Dopamine is a pleasure chemical, and some studies found dopamine and orgasms are often linked together. Serotonin is another happy chemical, and it is allows for healthy appetite and restful sleep. People who exercise on a regular basis experience general pleasure when exercising due to all hormones released.

3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps strengthen blood vessels. Blood runs throughout your entire body, including your sexual organs. When aroused, additional blood rushes to sexual organs. Improving overall circulation and blood flow will improve many health functions, including your sex life.