Spider Medicine May Be Used To Treat Liver Cancer

Spider medicine may prove to treat liver cancer

Robin Gibb 61, member of famous Bee Gees band was recently admitted to a hospital for complications, after being diagnosed with liver cancer a few months ago. It is now reported that his wife, Dwina Murphy-Gibb, an ordained druid priestess, is now searching for alternative treatments for Robin, including “spider medicine” based on the Native American healing approach.

Spider medicine is the use of a totem or a spiritual guide to help with healing and making one aware of the subconscious.

Dr Mark Boguski, co-founder of the Celebrity Diagnosis claims that there is no scientific evidence to support these Native American treatments can help cure liver cancer or any other medical disorders. While communal and emotional support is essential, the treatment of liver cancer is much more complex.

Robin Gibb’s youngest brother, Andy died in 1988 from congestive heart failure from drug abuse. He was only 30. Robin’s twin brother, Maurice died at the age of 53 after developing complications from surgery for bowel obstruction.

Robin Gibb was just discharged from hospital and is searching for the best options for his cancer. Liver cancer is very common in Asia and Africa but is uncommon in the United States. It carries a very poor prognosis.