Obesity More Prevalent In America Than Canada, Studies Show

Obesity appears to be more prevalent in America than Canada

A new study in Canada, conducted by Statistics Canada, explains that the rate of adult obesity is nearly 10 percent higher in America than in Canada.

The United States Centers for Disease Control worked with Statistics Canada to produce the study.

Results showed around 24 percent of Canadian adults to be obese while the obesity figure for American adults was slightly over 34 percent.

When analyzing obesity in males, around 32.5 percent of Americans were obese when compared to just under 24.5 percent of Canadians, about an 8 percent difference.

For females, slightly over 36 percent of American women were obese while just under 24 percent of Canadian women fell into the obese classification, a more than 12 percent difference.

Many experts believed the obesity issue was limited to the United States but these findings suggest otherwise.

Health officials believe the obesity epidemic will continue to grow unless significant changes occur. Among these are increased education, healthier food options across the board, and more responsibility on the individuals themselves.