Optimism May Be The Best Medicine For Heart Patients, Experts Explain

Optimism may be the best medicine for heart patients

New studies explain that being optimistic and positive about life may decrease heart disease risks and improve chances of living longer.

For this study, researchers at Duke University analyzed 2,800 patients. All patients were hospitalized with some kind of heart disease. Study author explained that the individuals who believed a positive recovery was in the future actually noticed longer lives than those who thought negatively.

Specific data from the study suggests that heart patients with a positive outlook experienced 30 percent great chances of living longer than 15 years when compared to those with a negative mindset.

Researchers explain that the findings show people with the best attitude and personal beliefs of recovery actually noticed the best results.

The study surveyed patients, asking how they believed recovery would be and how their lifestyle would be affected.

Accounting for numerous health factors, researchers followed up after 15 years and discovered that optimistic individuals noticed the longest life-spans.

One potential flaw in the study is that individuals who believe they will recover, might seek more medical attention than those who believe otherwise.