Mental Health Of Men Negatively Affected By Economic Downturn, Study Shows

The economy has not only caused lost jobs, but depression in men as well

Officials warn that economic changes may drastically alter the mental state of men, especially during times of recession.

Authors explain that a shift from the typical roles between male and female may negatively influence self-esteem of men.

The Men’s Health Forum explains that links exist between employment and male self-esteem.

Health experts explain that generally speaking, women appear to be nearly two times more likely of having a severe depression disorder throughout their lifetime when compared to men, but those statistics may change based on the economic downturn and significant job loss in the recent and upcoming years.

Typical ‘male’ jobs including many jobs requiring significant amounts of physical labor, are being moved overseas or lost to technology.

Additionally, figures show that women are becoming more likely to attend college than men, potentially shifting the breadwinner of the household to a female instead of a male.

While many encourage men who lost their jobs to continue looking, having targeted professional experience like that required for a specific trade, does not bode well to find another job that may require additional skills.