Sleep Apnea Poses Severe Health Risks, Often Untreated

Sleep apnea is frequently overlooked by individuals

Certain sleep disorders are going unnoticed for years in patients, largely because they are unsure they actually have a sleeping disorder. The main one in question is sleep apnea, and patients are usually unsure about the effects and the causes of the disorder.

Because of this, experts suggest that doctors frequently ask people about sleep quality, as these questions may potentially uncover otherwise ‘hidden’ cases of these sleep disorders.

While some believe sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, are not significant, people are urged to receive frequent testing if symptoms being to appear.

Sleep apnea symptoms include pausing in breathing while sleeping, high blood pressure, snoring loudly, daytime fatigue, cognitive impairment, and gasping for air while sleeping.

To evaluate, experts analyze individuals overnight and monitor sleep quality and consistency.

Experts explain that many people believe that sleep is only about feeling good, when really, sleep disorders alter much more than daily functions.

Lack of sufficient sleep has shown to have severely negative long-term health effects, and combating these risks should be the primary goal of those with or without sleep apnea.