Parents Often Give Into “Fever Phobia” Too Quickly, Experts Explain

Parents may not want to medicate sick children right away

While many parents tend to medicate children too quickly at the first sign of any sickness, a new study suggests that it may not be best to rush to find pills for a young one’s ailment.

Research for the study was published in Pediatrics, as researchers discussed that parents may not want to be so quick to submit to ‘fever phobia.’

To fight infection, the body uses fever as a primary method. Drugs that combat a fever limit the ability of the body to perform necessary function to help ease illness, and medications like acetaminophen and ibuprofen are recommended to only be used as a method for managing symptoms.

Many parents turn to medication instantly as a means to help children feel better, but the body helps eliminate the illness from the body. A fever is a bodily response for fighting infection.

Experts recommend leaving a fever alone if a child is at least alert and feels alright.

Health officials strongly urge parents to make sure children drink enough fluid during illness, as dehydration may make them feel even worse, or lead to other severe health consequences.

However, health experts explain that fever should not be avoided at all times. If a fever has other significant health effects like rash, severe fatigue or pain, then a medical professional should be contacted immediately.