Massive Marijuana Warehouse, weGrow, Opened In California

New marijuana warehouse, weGrow, opened in California

With much discussion about the legalization of marijuana, one company has taken their efforts to the next level, and has even been termed as the “Wal-Mart of weed”.

The company, located in Sacramento, has opened a new ‘megamall’ to distribute anything and everything under the sun — at least in terms of marijuana growing.

The facility is a whopping 10,000 square foot warehouse and hopes to provide individuals in California with everything required to grow marijuana.

The Sacramento Bee explains that weGrow, the company name, hopes to offer benefit for those seeking medical marijuana.

Additionally, weGrow will sell hydroponic equipment for growing weed, and plant supplements like Big Bud and Kushie Kush.

weGrow plans to hold classes to teach individuals how to properly grow and cultivate their plants as well.

The grand opening of the store was catered by a chef from, as he cooked up omelets for potential customers.

The only location for weGrow currently is California, but plans to expand to Arizona, Oregon, Colorado, and New Jersey are in the future.

Doctor recommendations will have to be presented inside the warehouse for the staff to assist customers.