Stress Does Not Affect Pregnancy But Obesity Does, Studies Show

Studies show obesity affects pregnancy while stress does not

Women stressed or tense about becoming pregnant are urged ‘not to worry’, unless they are obese, new studies suggest.

Studies found that obese women notice pregnancy complications due to the added weight and its affect on the reproductive system.

Additionally, the study suggested that obesity may cause irregular menstrual cycles, irregular ovulation cycles, and in some cases, infertility.

Other studies, analyzing how stress may affect a woman during pregnancy suggest that simply being tense or stressed do not negatively influence a woman’s ability to become pregnant.

Experts explain that these findings are nothing but good news for women, in both cases.

Health officials have been warning about the health risks of obesity for years, and this is another reason for women to watch their weight, especially if they are interested in becoming a mother.

Also, many women notice increased stress levels as they are trying to conceive, and the fact that studies show the added stress that may be due largely in part to the idea of having a baby actually has no affect on the ability to have a baby is good news.