New Bill May Eliminate Medicaid From Over 65,000 Wisconsin Residents

Wisconsin residents oppose Gov. Walker's potential Medicaid changes

Many organizations throughout Wisconsin believe Medicaid is a vital resource for at least 1.1 million people, including elders, working families, and those with disabilities.

Governor Walker is working to create a bill to fix the budget in the state of Wisconsin, which may offer very little insight to the public on matters of a variety of health programs, including SeniorCare.

The new bill proposes changes to the process in which reviews are conducted, severely limiting outside impact and only requiring committee insight on many important decisions.

If the new bill passes, public input would be completely invisible, and the decisions of health bills in Wisconsin would require no public input prior to approval.

Many organizations that oppose this potential bill explain Wisconsin citizens need to take action now if changes are to be avoided.

Medicaid currently provides one of the main ‘safety nets’ for individuals who may be extremely vulnerable both financially and physically or mentally.

The passing of the new bill could leave more than 65,000 Wisconsin residents without even basic health coverage.

The bill may completely eliminate the usage of Medicaid programs, and individuals are urged to contact local legislators.

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