Travelers At 3 Airports May Have Been Exposed To Measles, CDC Explains

CDC is working to contact airport travelers who may have been exposed to measles

Health officials are working to notify individuals who were potentially exposed to measles as a person with the infection traveled through various airports in the United States.

A woman from the United Kingdom who has measles, traveled through airports in Washington, Albuquerque, and Denver last week, health officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explain.

Information about other individuals who were on the flights has been released to the CDC in efforts to contact them and notify of potential exposure to measles.

Health officials believe that measles was contracted outside of the United States.

By looking at airplane seating data, officials are working to determine who may be at the greatest risk based on exposure to the infected woman. Additionally, monitoring whether or not individuals have updated immunizations is an important factor at this time.

As an airborne virus, measles is very contagious. Symptoms become present between 1-2 weeks after exposure, and originally presents itself with cold-like symptoms, eventually causing a rash that may cover the entire body.

Since the exposure, nearly 200 individuals have received vaccinations for free at various clinics.

As a leading cause of death for infants in developing nations, the United States requires immunizations, allowing very little presence of measles.