Red Meat Consumption Increases Cancer Risks, Consumption Levels Warned

New government regulations suggest limited red meat intake

New guidelines issued by health officials in Britain explain that the consumption of red meat may drastically increase bowel or colorectal cancer risks.

Other risks of cancer include stomach, pancreas, bladder, and breast.

Government officials issued similar warnings more than 10 years ago, but these new recommendations explain recommended consumption levels in more detail.

For instance, the guidelines suggest red meat consumption of less than 1 pound per week.

While recommendations exist, experts explain that currently, no known levels of red meat have shown to be entirely risk-free in terms of disease risks.

However, red meat enthusiasts may want to increase fruit and vegetable consumption, as many of them have high concentrations of antioxidants.

Antioxidants have disease-fighting properties, and may further decrease disease risks.

The most common kind of red meat is beef, but also considered are pork and lamb.

Researchers believe myoglobin to be the main cause of increased cancer risks from red meat.