Governor Cuomo Working To Reform Medicaid, Medical Malpractice

New York looking to drastically alter malpractice lawsuit cases

With the intention of re-structuring New York’s Medicaid system, Governor Cuomo is urging various changes to how medical malpractice suits are resolved.

Primarily, he wishes to limit awards at $250,000 per case, explaining this change alone may save upwards of $200 million in the following year.

However, Sheldon Silver, Assembly Speaker, believes this change to be unnecessary and is working to block it from occurring.

Officials believe it will be resolved, but the methods and the duration at which it may take are yet to be known.

Many advocates of the new change explain that often times, lawsuits are extremely out of control and award much more money than could be justified by the damages.

The proposed change by Cuomo looks to benefit the overall financial situation of the state, potentially resolving the severe budget issues that currently exist.

He urged that officials continue moving forward on these efforts or additional methods will be taken to make sure they pass.