Hot Flashes, Night Sweats At Start Of Menopause Lower Death Risks, Study Finds

Research shows menopause symptoms at onset to lower death risks for women

New research explains that women experiencing typical menopause symptoms, like hot flashes or night sweats, at the onset of menopause, may notice lower risks for experiencing a heart attack as they age.

On the other hand, women who noticed delayed menopause symptoms notice much higher risks for heart disease.

These reports were published in Menopause.

Researchers explain these findings to be good news for women, as many originally believed menopause symptoms were directly linked to heart risks, specifically when encountered during the beginning of menopause.

Data for the study were produced from the Women’s Health Initiative.

The study helped determine that hormone replacement therapy may also increase risks of various cancers, now reducing the overall prescription numbers.

While originally believed to be tied to heart disease risks, hot flashes appear to actually present lower risks for women.

In fact, risk decreases of death were higher than 10 percent lower for women who experienced hot flashes and night sweats.

However, later onset of menopause symptoms appeared to raise death risks nearly 30 percent for women.