Genetically Altered Foods Are ‘Growing’, Literally

Genetically altered food runs rampant in many grocery stores

As the number of individuals becoming overweight and obese continue to increase throughout the world, and especially the United States, many have turned their energy toward eating a healthier diet.

However, this may be difficult as even some of the seemingly ‘healthy’ foods, contain large amounts of genetically engineered material (also known as GMOs or genetically modified organisms).

In fact, nearly all corn and soybeans grown throughout the United States have been, at one time or another, genetically altered.

These foods have been altered to effectively fend off insects and pesticides.

Corn and soybeans are found in more than just a handful of food products, too. Additionally, the number of products that have — and are being approved for genetically altered production is increasing rapidly.

The Food and Drug Administration is discussing the potential for allowing salmon, that is genetically altered to grow more quickly, to be on the market sometime in 2011.

Health agencies claim the foods, while genetically altered, remain safe for consumption and cannot be distinguished between the ‘natural’ foods.