Flu Season “Should Be Over Soon”, Vaccines Still Recommended

Health officials continue to urge residents to receive flu vaccines

Health officials in Wisconsin are urging residents in the state to receive flu vaccinations if they have not already. Throughout the United States, the flu is running rampant, and is very close to peaking, health officials believe.

While some may think it is too late to receive a vaccination, that is definitely not the case, according to health experts.

Although immunities may take upwards of 14 days following a vaccination, getting one now may prevent flu cases as the season tails off.

This year, hospitals were required to report any cases of hospitalization due to the flu.

During the flu season, more than 300 people were hospitalized because of the flu alone, and nearly 75 of those people required intensive care.

Vaccines are readily available, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, explaining that more than 160 million vaccines were produced for use throughout the country.