Surgery Outcome Drastically Influenced By Location, Study Shows

Studies show regional differences affect surgery rates

New research in the United States explains that the location of patients who wish to receive elective surgery may determine whether or not they receive treatment.

Additionally, what physicians the individuals elect to see may have an affect on whether or not they can receive a surgery as well.

For the study, Medicare-covered individuals over the age of 65 years old were analyzed.

The study showed that in many cases, the preferences of patients were ignored.

A shocking finding showed certain areas were more than 10 times likely to receive elective surgeries. One case showed that a man who lives near Albany, Georgia is at least 10 times less likely to receive an elective surgery for prostate removal than a man who lives in San Luis Obispo, California.

Additional findings explain spend rates vary drastically for other procedures, like those for back surgery, breast cancer, joint replacement, and bypass surgery, as well.

Researchers believe cultural differences in regions play a large role as to how patients are treated and whether or not they receive elective surgeries in various states throughout the United States.