Sisters Released From Prison, Required To Lose A Combined 140 Pounds

Sisters required to lose almost 150 pounds following prison release

Two sisters from Florida are required to lose nearly 150 pounds before they fulfill parole requirements, doctors explain.

The sisters, Gladys and Jamie Scott, are required to lose weight as a requirement for a kidney transplant.

After being released from prison, Gladys, who weighs 185 pounds, is planning a kidney donation to her sister, Jamie, tipping the scales at more than 250 pounds.

The sisters landed themselves in prison following a robbery, where they made out with $11.

Jamie is required to lose at least 100 pounds while Gladys is required to quit her smoking habit and lose at least 40 pounds.

As a diabetic, Jamie has been on dialysis for over a year now, and explains that her diet has drastically changed as she completely eliminated all fried foods.

The sisters are working hard to losing the weight, as the surgery will not take place until both of them reach their weight loss goals.