Health Care Reform Ruling By Judge “Extremely Specious”, Critics Explain

Health care reform dismissed, declared unconstitutional

A judge from Washington officially granted a dismissal of a lawsuit against the new health care reforms. She ruled that the economy would be significantly burdened financially by the reform.

Becoming the third judge to rule this way, United States District Judge Gladys Kessler agrees with around 10 other judges who believe this reform to be unconstitutional.

Reports explain nearly 50 million Americans had no health insurance during 2009.

New laws, like the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act have found traction with the American people, even before it was officially signed. The law has received mixed feelings from many lawmakers.

Officials explain that a ruling by the United States Supreme Court will probably have to take place for a complete resolution on this matter.

The ruling explains that individuals have the ability and the right to make their own informed decisions about certain matters regarding health and health care.

However, critics explain that the argument against the reform is ‘extremely specious’ and negatively represents the opinions of the ruling.