Cell Phones Emit “Significant Amounts Of Radiation” Into The Brain, Study Finds

Cell phones shown to produce radiation on the brain

As more than 300 million cell phones are in use throughout the world today, new studies are working to determine whether or not the mobile telephone devices are safe for use.

Researchers discovered that talking on a cell phone may increase the activity in the brain.

While the findings show increased activity, some researchers explain that this may not necessarily be a negative result — but it may also not be positive either.

Studies have been conducted for as many as 30 years regarding the matter, but the widespread use of cell phones, including children younger than 10 years old having their own phones, have prompted additional research from experts.

Prior studies explain that certain radio waves may increase the risks of developing cancer, and cell phones use radio waves to transmit signals between cell towers.

This particular study analyzed 47 individuals for one year and how the cell phone may or may not increase brain activity.

The study found that when a cell phone is turned out, it emits significant amounts of radioactivity into the brain.

Researchers explain additional studies are required to determine whether or not an immediate risk is evident regarding the use of cell phones.