Avastin Rejected Due To “Lack Of Benefits, Cost”, Officials Explain

Avastin was rejected by officials due to lack of benefits and cost

Avastin, as a treatment method for breast cancer, has been rejected by the U.K. as they do not believe studies offered enough information showing it as an effective treatment method to increase survivability.

This is the second time the drug was rejected.

Another agency, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) also rejected Avastin just one year earlier, explaining that the drug was too expensive for the benefits it offered to bowel cancer patients.

While studies do prove that the drug, in conjunction with chemotherapy, may effectively decrease the spread and growth rate of breast cancer metastasis, no evidence proves that the drug may extend lives.

Some health officials believe the drug may be beneficial, but it lacked too much to be considered a cost-effective solution for many patients.

Avastin, a drug created by Roche Holding AG’s, can cost patients upwards of $8,000 per month for treatment. This price tag makes it one of the most expensive treatment options for cancer patients.