New Drug May Offer Hair Re-Growth Benefits, Study Suggests

New research may have discovered an effective hair re-growth solution

In a report published in PLoS, an online journal, a study was conducted on mice and astressin-B.

Astressin-B is a substance, which researchers found, that could cause the growth of hair in bald mice. This substance was thought to be used as treatment against stress.

The Veterans Administration, with the Salk Institute from California and UCLA, conducted the research. For the research, they used mutated mice whose genes were altered to produce excess hormones that generate stress.

The aim of this research was to find out the effects of stress on the function of the gastrointestinal tract.

The excessive stress hormones in the mice eventually caused their baldness and what little hair left they had, was white.

The astressin-B compound was injected into these chronically stressed mice for five days per week. Astressin-B was blocking the effects of the stress hormone on the bodies of the mice.

After three months, the researchers assessed the effects of the substance in the intestinal tract of the mice and analyzed the potential hair re-growth.

The study concluded that the substance caused the hair on the mice to grow back over a long-term period (at least 3 months).

Researchers conducted the study multiple times in a similar fashion and noticed similar results.

An effective hair re-growth solution may be right around the corner.