Moderate Alcohol Consumption May Offer Heart Benefits, Researchers Discover

Alcohol, including red wine, may offer heart benefits when consumed moderately

New studies explain that alcohol consumption, in moderation, may offer protective benefits for various cardiovascular diseases.

A study was published in BMJ online.

For the study, researchers analyzed more than 80 different alcohol studies and how alcohol may relate to various cardiovascular health ailments.

A discovery that moderate (or less) consumption of alcohol may reduce death risks from stroke, heart disease, and cardiovascular disease. Similar findings have surfaced in the past, but those usually involved the consumption of ‘healthy’ alcohols, specifically red wine.

Researchers are intrigued about the findings from analyzing the data.

Another review of more than 60 studies that analyzed alcohol consumption and various disease risks, showed researchers that small amounts of alcohol consumption may help increase HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol).

While researchers have analyzed various aspects of alcohol consumption and the potential health benefits, additional clinical studies are to be performed to look at these findings in a controlled manner.