Light Fixtures In New York Schools To Be Replaced Due To PCB Chemical Dangers

Many light fixtures in New York will be replaced due to toxic dangers

New investigations have discovered that various public lighting fixtures throughout New York City schools may be leaking potentially life-threatening chemicals.

The federal investigation found lights to be unsafely leaking PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) throughout schools.

Officials have explained these various lights need to be removed, but have explained the removal process may take upwards of 10 years. This duration has many health advocates extremely angered, as they believe the removal process to be moving ‘too slow’.

The entire process will cost more than $700 million, as lights are to be removed and replaced with a more energy efficient solution.

Government health officials, including those from the EPA, explain that while these chemicals are potentially hazardous, students should not be alarmed as the danger is not eminent.

Health officials are pushing for the project to be completed in five years or less, explaining that the 10 year duration simply ignores public safety.

New York explains these efforts as aggressive, as the investment is one of the most expensive any city has ever made.