Complex Migraines Produce Stroke-Like Symptoms, Experts Explain

Complex migraines shown to produce similar symptoms to strokes

Serene Branson, the reporter from the Grammy Awards whose reputation was made popular for stuttering and not being able to speak clearly in a broadcast, was said to have suffered a complex migraine.

A complex migraine is similar to a migraine headache, with produces symptoms such as muddled speech and also weakness on one side—both of which were reportedly felt by Branson. Doctors also say that this type of migraine mimics a stroke.

Another woman, Marie Miller, can relate to Serene Branson’s experience, since she herself has experienced this type of migraine too.

Both women reported having speech difficulties, describing the feeling of being unable to speak properly. Both also experienced some form of weakness on their bodies during the episode.

Marie Miller had a longer history of the condition, with severe headaches, which began as she was younger. One of the experiences she had with a complex migraine was that she had reportedly lost her sight for about 10 minutes, an experience which, until today, still haunts her. She had an aneurysm in the past five years, but doctors are dismissing this as unrelated to her current migraines.

Miller will be meeting with experts soon to further examine her condition.

As for Serene Branson, she explained her problem and what caused her seemingly forgetfulness to speak.