Cell Phone Exposure May Increase Brain Cancer Risks, Experts Warn

Cell phones may drastically increase brain wave activity

New studies explain that cell phone exposure for just one hour per day may drastically alter brain activity. Currently, health experts are unaware as to whether or not these findings post long-term health risks for individuals.

The researchers conducted a study with the use of PET scans to focus on the metabolism of glucose in the brain. Specifically, the scans were used to target the orbitofrontal cortex and temporal pole regions of the brain. These areas are the part of the brain closest to the cell phone’s antenna.

The study also found that the brain activity, when making a phone call, is lowered as the antenna is moved further from the head.

Researchers are analyzing potential risks including the potential danger of brain cancer.

But, according to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, no health risk factors have been concluded at this time.

While some claim there is no evidence that cell phones may cause potential health risks in the brain, other experts are skeptical at this point.

Recommendations including using a headset when making phone calls or using speaker phone. Bluetooth headset devices may present the same radiation dangers that the cell phone itself does.