Supreme Court Offers Vaccine Companies Protection From Lawsuits

Government officials offer immunity to makers of effective vaccines

Many parents have attempted to sue various makers of vaccines as children has become ill from potentially unexplained side effects from the drugs. However, the Supreme Court has offered the manufacturers of the vaccines protection from parental lawsuits.

Without completely turning their backs, however, the court ruled to compensate individuals but will protect any lawsuit based on these issues.

Judges ruled many of the cases in question to include side effects that were determined as “unavoidable”, especially if a vaccine is provided to millions of people.

Health officials explain that some people will react negatively to specific medications, and it is terrible, but the makers of the drug cannot be at fault in these situations. If lawsuits were able, the entire vaccine system could be wiped out.

Many organizations believe this is a positive move, as children’s vaccines have drastically improved the overall health status of the world.

Unfortunately, certain individuals ended up extremely hurt both physically and otherwise from some vaccines, however. In the case of Hannah Bruesewitz, she received a vaccine for pertussis, diphtheria, and tetanus, but noticed a chain of negative side effects including seizures and even developmental delays. Seeking compensation, her parents were refused.

The Supreme Court explained that the lawsuit is unable to take place.

Government officials want to stress that these rulings do not offer immunity to manufacturers of vaccines in the case of defective or dangerous drugs.