Melanoma Diagnosis “Affects Women Drastically”, Experts Explain

Women may be more prone to drastic emotion following melanoma diagnosis

New studies show that women may be more negatively affected after being diagnosed with skin cancer (melanoma) than men. The primary issue that women notice more negatively than men is quality of life.

Experts explain that while as many as 80 percent of individuals with melanoma have positive results, risk increases for similar cancers are noticed.

This study worked to evaluate the quality of life for individuals upwards of 10 years are first being diagnosed.  With the information included in the Eindhoven Cancer Registry, researchers were able to analyze patient data from 1998 to 2008.

Each person was asked to fill out a survey including questions about health troubles, including physical, social, cancer worries, and general health problems.

With an average age between 55 and 60 years old, more than 60 percent of participants were female, and at least 75 percent had melanoma that was under 2mm thick.

Researchers explained that women were much more likely to explain drastic effects from the cancer, either positively or negatively.

It was also evident that women worked more to decrease their exposure to potentially damaging sun rays when compared to men, possibly because women appeared more worried about the effects of UV rays.

Experts explain that women may require additional counseling and care following a melanoma diagnosis. In addition, men may require more education about the dangers and potential preventative solutions for the future.