Hypothyroidism Screening May Improve Quality Of Life, Study Suggests

Studies show hypothyroidism screening may improve overall quality of life

Screening for hypothyroidism in adults may be an effective method at improving overall quality of life. Hypothyroidism begins in the under-active thyroid, and causes symptoms of lethargy, tiredness, weight gain, and forgetfulness.

Many people fail to receive a diagnosis of hypothyroidism, as some of the symptoms share those of aging.

Lately, a screening is being conducted for hypothyroidism for people over the age of 50. It concluded that it is probable to improve the life of approximately 100,000 people in the UK alone.

Because of under-active thyroids, hypothyroidism causes the blood levels of the thyroid stimulating hormone or TSH, to be raised.

A random double blind crossover trial was conducted to measure the TSH of various individuals. Of 4,000 participants, 8 percent of them had validated a high value. In all, just 65 completed the thyroid hormone consumption and a random placebo for a random reason in four months.

A few weeks later, only 16 people remained with a raised TSH level and 11 people noticed positive results. As for the placebo, nobody was better and four of these patients did not feel any difference at all. And because of the screening, the tiredness and loss of memory was relieved.

Experts suggest that while this is not a solution, it may help prevent further health problems, and drastically improve overall quality of life for many individuals suffering with thyroid issues.