Dental Visits Now Recommended Before Children Even Have Teeth

Dentists suggest early visits to prevent potential long-term tooth troubles

Dentists have noticed an increase in tooth decay in young children, prompting February to be National Children’s Dental Health month.

Because of this, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has suggested that parents properly care for healthy teeth, as when done properly, will reduce the need for treatment.

In fact, some dentists are so proactive in the matter that they recommend a dental appointment with a child before the child even has teeth.

Certain studies explain that children who visit the dentist before turning 1 notice upwards of 40 percent decreases in dental bills through the age of 5 when compared to children who did not visit a dentist prior to turning 1 year old.

Many dentists express concern as most individuals explain ignorance as to how soon to take children to the dentist.

Dentists strongly recommend early dental visits as they are used to inform parents about proper care, evaluate overall teeth health of children, and to discuss potential diet recommendations. On top of that, thumb-sucking or pacifier usage may be discussed as both can affect the shape of the tooth structure.

Dentists recommend brushing at lease twice per day and flossing one time per day. Additionally, visiting the dentist twice per year for checkups may help pinpoint potential problems before they require a root canal.