Spinal Manipulation, Risky, But ‘Potentially Very Effective’ At Easing Back Pain

Spinal manipulation, performed properly, may benefit back pain suffers

Low back pain has grown to affect millions of individuals around the world.

According to studies, back pain ranked as the 5th leading cause of hospital visits.

Some visits may be due to back muscle strain or sprain caused by work overload and damage to spinal tissue.

Treatment options for minor back pain includes medication such as painkillers, and a variety of non-surgical methods including massage, exercise, and physical therapy. For serious back pain issues, surgery may be the only solution.

New findings may have good news for back pain suffers. Sidney Rubinstein, a private practice chiropractor explains that spinal manipulation may greatly benefit those who suffer from back pain.

However, spinal manipulation carries many severe risks if performed incorrectly.

Those risks include permanent spinal damage, spinal fractures, and even death in some cases.

Experts explain that when performed correctly, however, spinal manipulation may ease back pain issues in patients.