Not Just Cholesterol, Stroke Risk Factors Include Triglycerides Too, Study Shows

Cholesterol alone may not be enough to gauge stroke risk

Researchers discovered a new link between triglyceride levels and stroke risk. The findings explain that as non-fasting triglyceride levels increase, so do the ischemic stroke risks for individuals.

In addition to those findings, researchers explained that an increased risk of having a stroke was evident as cholesterol level increased as well.

The findings were concluded based on the discovery that elevated triglyceride levels may be a warning for potential plaque in the arteries.

Study authors explain that many health guidelines suggest maintaining ‘healthy’ cholesterol is the key to avoiding strokes, but no experts suggest healthy triglyceride levels as well.

The study was conducted at Copenhagen University Hospital.

For the study, researchers analyzed nearly 14,000 individuals.

The findings showed unanimously that as non-fasting triglyceride levels increased, so did the stroke risk for that particular individual.

Experts explain that triglyceride levels, in addition to cholesterol, needs to be properly managed to effectively decrease the risks of stroke.