Many People Continue Eating Fast-Food After A Heart Attack

Many people still consume fast-food after having a heart attack

While most would believe that following a heart attack, individuals would be more cautious about diet habits, including closely monitoring salt and fat intake.

However, researchers explained that most people who have had a heart attack, often continue similar eating habits including frequent fast-food consumption.

For the study, researchers analyzed almost 2,500 individuals throughout the United States who had experienced a heart attack.

When analyzing data, 884 people, close to one-third, explained to consume fast-food on a regular basis prior to having a heart attack — at least one time per week.

A potentially more alarming finding, however, was during a 6 month follow-up. Researchers noticed that while some people do cut back on fast-food consumption, more than 500 people from the original group still indulged on their fast-food habits at least one time per week.

Recommendations for healthy diets, as published by the American Heart Association, include eating vegetables and lean meats. Additionally, watching intake of foods that are high in saturated and trans fat, cholesterol, and sodium content is urged.

Generally speaking, many individuals are being more diligent in their efforts to consume a healthier diet, but experts explain additional changes still need to be made.