Flu Season Peaking, CDC Encourages Vaccinations

Flu season is nearing its peak, vaccinations are still readily available

Although temperatures may be increasing and the days may be getting longer, flu season is not yet over.

The United States is currently experiencing a greater number of flu cases than ever before, health official explain.

Because of that, vaccinations are strongly urged, and more importantly, they are also readily available.

In rare instances, outbreaks like that of H1N1 (swine flu) last year, may have different peaks. For the typical seasonal flu, however, most people tend to become ill in February, and the flu season slowly fades off as winter ends.

While the flu season has followed the typical life-cycle until this point, experts explain the additional flu cases may be related to the lack of individuals receiving vaccinations this year.

Health officials explain that vaccinations are readily available at many pharmacies and government agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that everybody older than 6 months receives a vaccination for the flu.