Eat More Fiber, Live Longer, Study Shows

Consuming more fiber may increase longevity for people over 50

New studies explain that high fiber diets may not only assist with weight loss and digestive issues, but it may directly influence longevity as well.

For the study, researchers analyzed nearly 400,000 individuals over the age of 50 years old. The study, lasting nearly 10 years, noticed just over 31,000 people dying during the span.

What researchers discovered was that those who consumed the most fiber, noticed a 22 percent risk decrease of dying than those who did not consume as much fiber.

Men noticed death risk decreases from infectious, respiratory, and cardiovascular disease by at least 24 percent. For women, death risk decreases were no less than 34 percent.

One interesting finding was that men noticed decreased risks in cancer deaths, but the same was not true for women.

While current dietary recommendations suggest nearly 40 grams of fiber for men and more than 25 grams for women, experts estimate the average daily fiber intake for all individuals to be around 15 grams.

One potential flaw in the study is that the data from individuals was presented in survey form. Additional risk factors were not taken into account either.