Bisphosphonates May Decrease Colon Cancer Risks In Women, Study Shows

Research shows that bisphosphonates may lower colon cancer risks for women

Colon cancer is now the third disease-caused death in America.

A new study shows that women who take bisphosphonates have lower colon cancer risks.

The results of the study also considered the factors of using aspirin or statins, and that adding vegetables to the diet may benefit overall health as well. Still, the results showed a nearly 60 percent decrease in colon cancer risks for women who made use of bisphosphonates.

This is a long-term effect, and that it is not clear whether it is really the cause of the lowered risk for colorectal cancer.

Also, researchers explain that this is not a solution, but simply a benefit that most women receive from consuming bisphosphonates to mitigate the dangers of osteoporosis.

Currently, colon cancer is detectable early with the use of precancerous polyps screening.

Experts explain that regular screenings, higher-fiber diets, and avoiding red meats are all viable solutions for decreasing colon cancer risks in general.