Understand Heart Disease Symptoms And Proper Prevention Methods, Experts Urge

Many individuals fail to receive immediate attention when having a heart attack

Heart disease affects millions of Americans each year, whether directly or otherwise. After all, it is the primary cause of death each year.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explain that various types of heart disease are very prone to cause heart attacks.

Health organizations explain that being knowledgeable about the symptoms and causes of heart disease, heart attacks, and other health problems, may help prevent them from occurring or being able to mitigate the damages if something severe does happen.

The American Medical Response (AMR) explains that the most common symptoms of heart attacks are sudden pain or discomfort in the chest. Most people who experience a heart attack fail to properly address the potentially life-threatening attack. Additionally, heart attacks may induce shortness of breath.

Individuals who believe to be having a heart attack are urged to contact a health professional immediately. Whether this be a physician or 9-1-1, immediate help will help improve the survival chances.

Recommendations for avoiding heart attacks and heart disease include eating a balanced, healthy diet, and engaging in exercise regularly.