Many Claim Smoking Bans In New York Have “Gone Too Far”

New York City plans to ban smoking on beaches and in parks

Some people believe the soon-to-pass smoking ban on most parks and many beaches throughout New York City to be “going too far” and question the bill.

Individuals who oppose the smoking ban explain that with the number of other pollutants that are found throughout a city, cigarette smoke is just another byproduct. After all, buildings, cars, trucks, and buses are still allowed to operate and produce, in many cases, at least as much pollution.

In fact, some health experts explain that simply smelling a cigarette when exposed to outside air is not as detrimental to the health as some may believe.

Other people against the new ban explain that basic civil liberties are in jeopardy, and for a city like New York, that may turn into a national issue.

Many cities, including New York, have already banned smoking inside certain buildings like restaurants and bars.

Regardless of all the anti-ban discussion, Thomas A. Farley, the city Health Commissioner, explains that the law is beneficial as it will alleviate the smoking nuisance from parks and beaches, making the areas enjoyable for those who do not smoke.