Artificial Blood Vessels To Be Tested For Heart Surgery Patients

Company discovers how to create artificial blood vessels for humans

New findings suggest that artificial blood vessels may be used effectively for individuals who require a heart bypass. This new development may drastically improve the success and longevity rates of certain surgeries as it could potentially eliminate the requirement of taking blood vessels from other areas of the body.

In many patients who require significant artery surgeries or kidney dialysis, these new artificial vessels may be just what the doctor ordered — literally.

A research company in North Carolina, Humacyte Inc., discovered that cells can be used to effectively build the tissues required, and then eliminated. This creates a passage of tissue that is non-living and can be effectively used by any patient.

The findings were released in the Science Translational Medicine journal.

The vessels manufactured by Humacyte are the first ever that are ready immediately during surgery.

It has been estimated that as many as 100,000 Americans fail to receive necessary heart surgeries each year.

These new vessels are just now being tested in clinical trials involving humans, and the results will determine just how soon they may be readily available.