Flu Season Reaches “Epidemic Status”, Vaccines Urged

Flu season is in full swing and vaccines are encouraged

While the flu season appeared to take a slow start throughout the United States, health officials explain it is now affecting individuals throughout the country and becoming a potential hazard in as many as 37 states.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explain that infant death rates have increased by 300 percent, claiming at least 30 lives.

Health officials explain December and January typically experience an increase in the number of flu cases, but February typically increases drastically and sometimes even into March.

Experts released a figure explaining the flu has accounted for nearly 10 percent of adult deaths, officially placing the flu season this year at what could be classified as an epidemic.

Every year, around 200,000 Americans will find themselves in the hospital and close to 20 percent of them will die from the flu.

Health officials explain that although flu season is at its peak, it may not be too late to get a vaccination.

Vaccines are currently available and will continue to be available until flu season is officially over.

The CDC recommends flu shots for any person after the age of 6 months.