Exercise May Be The Best Therapy For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Experts Suggest

Exercise may be the only therapy necessary for chronic fatigue syndrome

A new study explains that existing therapies for treating chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) may be just that — old therapies.

The study found that implementing exercise for patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome may be the most beneficial therapy, even more beneficial than many expert-recommended solutions.

Additional therapy solutions recommended have been behavioral therapies, increasing the knowledge of patients about their situations, and even certain medications.

However, the new study suggests that increasing the amount of exercise a patient performs may be all that is needed to combat chronic fatigue syndrome.

Researchers explain that in many cases, chronic fatigue syndrome is at least somewhat related to or caused by stress. As exercise itself has been shown to positively influence the mind and relieve stress, experts believe it to also be a very effective tool at overcoming CFS.

While exercise has been shown to be a proper treatment method, some experts explain it to be a very difficult situation as the condition affects each individual differently. Because of that, exercise itself may not be sufficient.

Regardless of the findings, experts suggest that whether or not an individual is suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, a healthy lifestyle including a balanced diet and a moderate amount of exercise each week is recommended.