Dr. Melvin Levine, Accused Of Sexual Abuse, Dies

Doctor accused of sexual abuse dies suddenly just one day after lawsuits surface

Dr. Melvin D. Levine, the individual accused of sexually abusing young children, has died just one day following the beginning of the allegations.

No comments have been released about the death.

Levine worked at Children’s Hospital in Suffolk Superior Court, and on Thursday February 17, 2011, as many as 40 individuals filed lawsuits against him. Allegations included molestation, malpractice, and sexual abuse.

A lawyer on the case explains that the doctor may have victimized as many as 5,000 boys.

In 2009, Levine received allegations against him of misconduct, forcing him to forfeit his medical license.

Mahoney denies any claims against the doctor, adding that the last claim against Levine was investigated, but no misconduct was discovered. The claim occurred after Levine had already left Children’s Hospital.

Levine typically dealt with children experiencing education and developmental difficulties.

Many prosecutors have explained a lack of evidence required to sufficiently charge Levine, prior to his death.

Officials are currently examining the death of Dr. Levine.