USC Hospital Kidney Transplant Patient Received Wrong Kidney

Transplant patient received wrong kidney at USC hospital

Officials at the University of Southern California University Hospital explained that they had to shut down the entire kidney transplant division in January after learning that a kidney transplant patient received the wrong kidney.

Hospital officials explained that after performing further analysis, it was found that the individual was not harmed as the kidney turned out to be a relatively close match.

The closure of the kidney transplant division was primarily to determine the area was safe — a precautionary measure.

After the program suspension at the end of January, experts have been analyzing the procedures that typically occur throughout the transplant process.

Health officials at the hospital have spent additional time working with patients who wish to receive transplants at other locations at this point.

The entire review of the division for kidney transplants is expected to be finished today.

Following conclusion of the review, officials will determine whether or not the transplant division is safe to be re-opened.