Serene Branson On Slurring Speech: “I Was Terrified”

A TV reporter severely slurred her speech on live air

Serene Branson, a CBS 2 TV reporter, recently struggled when speaking during a live report, causing alarm about hidden health dangers.

She was reporting on the Grammy Awards, and when attempting to do so, became very dizzy and ended up excessively slurring her speech.

She explained that she was feeling very terrified and ill prior to being on the air. She explains having blurred vision and a headache.

She knew what she wanted to say, but the words just would not work in her favor. She said she was entirely aware of what was happening at the time, but could not control it.

After being presented with the footage on The Talk, she claims she was absolutely terrified and recalls how scared she was.

With the increased risk and awareness of stroke throughout the United States, many health experts became extremely concerned that she may be experiencing a stroke on live television.

However, health experts explain she was suffering a complex migraine, which has symptoms very much like a stroke.